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Large manufacturers have resources to employ skilled designers and utilize expensive design software for their product designing. Small and mid-size firms, on the other hand, do not necessarily have the finances to do the same. As a consequence, variations of the same set of designs are being produced and manufactured for the masses. Affluent consumers have access to top-notch designers who specially make tailor-made designs for them. But this is just a very small share of the consumer population.

Our goal is to fill this gap in the market by empowering firms with low designing budgets to outsource their designing processes to us so that we can make unconventional, thematic designs for them, thereby supplementing their level of innovation in the market. We also enable the end-users to get customized designs from us so that they do not have to spend a fortune on getting their choicest designs converted into jewelries and can rather spend on manufacturing jewelries based on our designs. We truly appreciate the art of designing. We thrive to continuously redefine the designing process. Lapiz Lazooli

Currently we are providing 56 designs with all the technical specifications on our website for you to test them out. Our designs are very flexible to factor in the varied budget of different manufacturers and consumers.


  • To ease up the pre-manufacturing stage of jewelry making
  • To beautify the world with our meticulously crafted fine jewelry designs
  • To provide an endearing experience to all jewelry lovers through our products and services


We disrupt the status-quo in the jewelry design industry. But, our long-term goal is to branch out to other industries because design is a crucial part of everything.

Core Values:

  • A highly value-driven culture and team spirit
  • To innovate
  • To be customer-oriented
  • To break conventions

Creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence is the soul of Lapiz Lazooli.

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