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Top 5 Sources Of Inspiration For A Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designing is an art of ornamentation. It is the study of arranging metals and stones/gems in a manner that creates texture and form for embellishment. Designing requires lots of skills, efforts, creativity and ability to visualize ideas through observation of things that surround us.
We will list down a few of the common sources of inspiration for a jewelry designer.

Top 5 sources of inspiration for a jewelry designer

1. Nature

Nature is the biggest source of inspiration one can get. Its cherubic beauty never ceases to inspire us. All our surrounding flora, fauna, insects, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, birds, trees and clouds have a powerful impact on creativity.

2. Manmade structures

These are the innumerable things that include urban landscapes, buildings, fences, utensils, fabrics, machinery and instruments. Those who have knowledge of the jewelry industry can create various motifs through the imaginative power of their creative impulse.

3. History

History can be reaped from various books, monuments, museums, architecture, artifacts, sculptures, paintings and written accounts. They are all a great source for giving an antique look to your designs. For most designers, rarity and preservation is what makes the inclusion of historical sources incredibly fascinating. For instance, an ancient artifact can be salvaged from the verge of extinction and pulverization by having it recreated in the form of a design.

4. Symbols

Symbols include emblems, signs and monograms, logos, alphabets, etc. These are all good ways to build and popularize a brand. The intelligent designers are the ones who use a combination of symbols in their marketing and advertising materials.

5. Abstract themes and concepts

Ever felt gripped by a visual of fantasy art? We all have seen those surreal photos that seem to stir us up subconsciously. Every art form can give rise to an ocean of ideas. It just needs a pair of artistic and experimental eyes to find what’s worth reproducing. Great designers deter the orthodox and carve their own path amidst the beaten ones. Developing your own style requires courage, gusto and an inquisitive thirst for designs from even a smattering of idea around you. Practice it and the world will become an fathomless reservoir of your imagination.

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