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The Science Of Jewelry Making

The origin of jewelry can be traced back to 110,000 - 73,000 B.C. From pre-historic humans to the fashion-conscious Gen X, those who love art have always been fascinated by the idea of jewelry in its various forms. Gems and jewels reigned for millennia and centuries, giving shape to our consuming passion for creativity. The designing industry has contributed to the revival of craftsmanship in a predominantly digital age.Today’s artisans have access to plenty of high-tech tools that ease up the complexities of manufacturing. Certain obsolete jewelry designs (the first shell designs, for instance) have been restored and given a fresh lease of life with the help of the science of imaging and graphic designing. Jewelry designing is one area of human pursuit that is motivated by art and executed by science.

Jewelry is a beautiful way for non-verbal communication. What we wear influences – either directly or indirectly – our body language and how we carry ourselves. It showcases our value system, our root and beliefs, custom, tradition and plenty of other personal attributes. It not only signifies our fashion statement, but also makes us feel good and confident. It is a beautiful way to pamper oneself and feel like a princess, and most women love doing that.

Jewels are a type of possessions that have a fathomless potential to invoke grace, femininity, power and beliefs. Changing times have changed our preferences, bringing in new waves of designs, ingenuity and new technologies. In a very surprising way, jewels have the power to trace the evolution of human creativity since the dawning of civilization. They are timeless and have a rich legacy of visual history and social change. The science of jewelry is a mystery itself, for every time we design an idea and try to unravel it through its succeeding stages, the very process challenges us for more. It is like life that keeps on unfolding new layers of opportunities every minute of every day. It’s magic!


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