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The Faculty of Creative Visualization


 "The mind is what it does..."

Creative visualization is the power by which we use our enormous mental energy to carve a path that is not, but required to achieve what we truly want – love, prosperity, education, health, peace and harmony. Put differently, it is a consummate desire to build an alternate world – not to escape reality but to ascend to a higher reality.

This desire ingests our creative energy and takes shape in the form of an idea which, when blended with a spoonful of imagination, transforms into a tangible entity through a strong and focused drive. Our goal can be different depending upon our desires but our practice should ideally be success-oriented.

Artists make use of their imagination to create a clear image, idea, or invoke a feeling that precedes existence. It is the manifest essence which is at the heart of creative visualization. The form is always perfect in the artist’s mind, albeit the outcome may not be. Nevertheless, what matters most is the desire to free the mind of useless clutter and find a clear vision. In the trade of visualization, the journey is always more intriguing than the destination.

Now here is a word of caution: Do not get carried away when you are praised, nor should you take criticism personally!

A mind that is uninhibited and impervious to the assault of reason levitates above the physical realms of mortal feedback.

How does creative visualization work? The physical universe is made up of energy particles. In physics, the ‘Law of Conservation of Energy’ states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another. So the energy used in imagining our desires is expended in creating the exact form. The third and the last thing responsible for effective visualization is positive thinking. It accounts for deep and meaningful growth for all undertakings. A negative mindset, on the other hand, does the contrary – it puts desire on a twisted and contorted curve.


We reap as we sow – after all.

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