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The Brain Behind Lapiz Lazooli

Swati Haribhakti's collection of designs is meant for women who want to break the barricade of old traditions – those who want to break the monotony of poky jewelry styles available on the market. As a jewelry enthusiast herself, she uses her creative ability to overrule design stereotypes. With her new range of unconventional designs, she is constantly pushing the limit of what a creative designer can truly achieve.

Let us show you some of the designs that are emblematic of Lapiz Lazooli:


The inspiration for LLDanglers has been drawn from urban landscapes and architectures. The artist has combined unique thematic elements with her innermost creative spirit. The exuberant designs resembling balcony railings show how even the most ordinary sights can be lifted to a higher plane of creativity. For any aspiring designer, LLDanglers exemplifies urban motifs transcending into art.


Seals are large carnivorous marine mammals that feed on fish, squid, shell-fish and even penguins. They are mostly playful, joyful and unique in nature just like our designs. We love and admire the bold beauty in seals and maybe you will love how we have represented them through our design.


This wonderful creature is a great creation of God. It moves slowly and lives up to 10-15 years, which most of the animals and reptiles cannot. This mollusk-like design evokes our desire to stay in touch with our primitive soul and feel blessed about what we have. The design is simple yet stunning.

The market for handmade jewelries and designs is growing. Swati and her team at Lapiz Lazooli strive their best to contribute to this growth by creating original, self-thought jewelry designs. We continue to collaborate with and work alongside those who aren’t afraid to think out of the box and try something bold and new. We constantly challenge our own imagination to make what seems impossible at first. We’d love to partner with those who aren’t afraid of how we do it and those who love to create jewelries for the next gen.

Take a turn to our website to get design inspirations that may encourage you to either sport a new look or be a part of our beautiful journey across an endless meadow of opportunities.


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