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Quintessence of Lapiz Lazooli

Established in 2015, Lapiz Lazooli is a New Jersey based corporation. We are in the business of digitalization and graphical representation of original artistic jewelry designs with precise specifications to ease up the process of jewelry making.

We offer you designs with proper detailing like dimensions, choice of gems/metals, CAD versions and even the weights of gold/silver/diamonds/gemstones to be used. Lapiz Lazooli offers you a promotional pack of 56 designs for free and you can invite others to avail the same. This will help you stay within your budget and increase the margin of profit. We also offer you customized jewelry designs. Follow this link to place a custom order today.



Our designs are flamboyant, glamorous and adventurous for the new women of this era. Inspired from the most unusual sources. They are sure to give you a sleek, gracious and contemporary appeal. We believe in challenging our creative impulse to come up with innovative ideas that effortlessly translate into jewelry designs that you probably did not even think could exist.

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