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Make Way To A Wow Vow With Lapiz Lazooli

Engagement and weddings are the most special and precious moments in anyone’s life as the day epitomizes the unification of two souls. The feelings of the bride get entrapped in the moment and are preserved in the corridors of time thereafter. So all you brides up there, go make the moment more special by adding a celestial vivacity to your bridal attire on your special day.


The magnificent gemstones recommended used in jewelry designs of Lapiz Lazooli will give you a nubile look sure to effortlessly captivate the heart of your groom. Each design brings out promises of priceless emotions attached with marriage. At Lapiz Lazooli, we present an eclectic collection of bizarre jewelry ideas. Discover the charm of delicate beauty in the silhouette of designs and patterns. These designs are classy, effortlessly elegant and have rich contemporary appeal suitable for a bold beauty.

We offer you exclusive designs for diamond-, ruby-, opal- and emerald-based jewelries which are commonly used in wedding and known to make the bride look absolutely gorgeous. The gems we recommend have an additional benefit per the various stones used. Besides adding colors and a gleaming flare to your appearance, they are believed to bestow positive power, love, compassion, calmness, concentration, abundance and divine knowledge in our lives. We can also make exquisite designs per your choice of gems/metals or patterns through a ‘customized order’ section on our website, thereby giving you a perfect start to your nuptial life. Or else, you can up your attraction quotient with our convertible pendants sets which are available for free.

We have also carved designs for the love season. These pieces have a layout sure to grab some eyeballs and are worth a trial. Each design is hand-crafted and carefully designed with all sorts of specifications.

Our Chief Designer and Product Head Mrs. Swati Haribhakti does not believe in glib gimmicks. She is more inclined towards assiduous activities to deliver you the best. Our designs turn imagination into reality with a signatory stamp of creative ascendancy. We have a genuine interest to forge a new wave in the world of designs and jewels. Our relentless pursuit for excellence, together with our undying zeal for inspiration, introduces a concoction of ideas in our designs and we will proudly continue to pursue it.

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