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6 Foods to Feed Your Brain

Want to get your creative juices flowing, or sharpen your memory, or excel at work? If Yes, then see to it whether your diet has certain vital micronutrients or not. Generally, we tend to feel tired and mentally less alert. We forget things frequently that are important to us and often suffer from brain fog. If this is what you are feeling right now, then try adding some of these foods rich in micronutrients to your diet:



Rich in antioxidants and folate, spinach contains potassium and other vital nutrients that are important for your brain. Folate prevents Alzheimer’s, while antioxidants help to improve memory and then decline in memory due to aging. If Popeye is your hero, then eat a spinach serving at least once a day. But just remember to wash the spinach carefully before cooking and remove dust or unwanted grasses from spinach bunch.  



Fish  is especially good for the brain because of the fact that it is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acid. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a fatty acid, is one of the major cell membrane components in the brain. Deficiency of DHA could make the brain vulnerable to conditions that affect proper functioning. Oily fish like herring, mackerel, sardine and salmon are the best for the brain. Don’t wring the oil out because that contains the fatty acids. Those who can’t eat fish, can go for fish oil supplements.



These are called “nature’s brain food”. They are also one of the smartest foods. Researchers have revealed that blueberries can have a positive effect on the brain and prevents memory loss. Blueberries, like fish, are rich in antioxidants. East them raw, add them to cereals, make a milkshake, do whatever, but just eat them. Your brain will be thankful to you forever.



If you love chocolates (and almost every person does), you’ll be excited to know that it’s good for brain growth. It tastes good and soothes you and also gives you an emotional shoot just when you may need it. Stuck with the idea for the presentation, fallen in a cerebral void or you swung in the mood swing? Just grab the chocolate bar under your desk which was tempting you from so long. You now have a tenable excuse to eat that bar.



Eggs are rich in choline that helps to boost memory. Besides, they are rich in protein and several other nutrients. In the past, eggs were branded as a villain for several diseases, and were especially considered unhealthy for the heart. But now we are re-entering the age where eggs are again being considered as super foods. Just go ahead and eat them. But avoid smothering them with Hollandaise sauce or cooking them in grease or bacon. Half-boiled and water poach are the best. 


Whole Grains:

Whole Grains are rich in fibre which are integral part of Indian diet. Whole grains if consumed in combination with nuts and oil seeds or olive oil is found to be related to lower the risk associated with mild cognitive impairment. They are known to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and high blood pressure which is linked to brain and heart diseases.


Foods to feed your brain are readily available in your vicinity. You don’t need synthetic supplements for that. Simply enjoy these smart foods to improve your memory and overall brain activity.

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