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Why Are Women So Obsessed With Jewelries?

Every time a woman steps out of her house, she feels a personal urge to wear a pair of earrings. She feels shy for being seen in public with a bare neck. Women have always been crazy for jewelries as they are symbolic of feminine poise, grace and strength. Now the good news is that the concept of jewelry designs is becoming popular worldwide, giving consumers an opportunity to experiment with a variety of forms and genres. What’s even better is that the design market is constantly evolving. Creativity has no room for stagnation!

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Spreading Design Wings in Product Skyline

Lapiz Lazooli, while staying true to its forte of designing contemporary jewelries with meticulous specifications, has broaden its horizons by partnering with an offshore jewelry manufacturer. Now customers can simply place product orders on our page, which showcases a variety of stylish rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces. Earlier, the options were limited to ordering either available or custom designs and get them manufactured elsewhere.

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6 Foods to Feed Your Brain

Brain is the computer of your body. It sends signals which carry instructions to all the other parts of body to perform various tasks. Feeding your brain with food that boost its development or functioning is as important as feeding the rest of your body. So, keeping the brain healthy would keep you healthy. 

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The Faculty of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is the power by which we use our enormous mental energy to carve a path that is not there, but required to achieve what we truly want – love, prosperity, education, health, peace and harmony. Put differently, it is a consummate desire to build an alternate world – not to escape reality but to ascend to a higher reality.

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Quintessence of Lapiz Lazooli

Established in 2015, Lapiz Lazooli is a New Jersey based corporation. We are in the business of digitalization and graphical representation of original artistic jewelry designs with precise specifications to ease up the process of jewelry making.

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17 Intriguing Facts About Gems and Jewelries

Awash in oriental enigma and sparkling in the hands of the world's richest, gems and jewels never cease to fascinate us at Lapiz Lazooli. So, here are 17 jewelry facts that may get you interested in further digging up a treasure trove of information.

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The Genesis Of Jawaharat

The Indian subcontinent – a part of the world with a glorious tradition of art and colorful festivals – is known for its opulence and luxury in terms of jewelries. Jewelry and various gemstones form the royal passion trails in India. 

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The Brain Behind Lapiz Lazooli

Swati Haribhakti's collection of designs is meant for women who want to break the barricade of old traditions – those who want to break the monotony of poky jewelry styles available on the market. 

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The Science Of Jewelry Making

The origin of jewelry can be traced back to 110,000 - 73,000 B.C. From pre-historic humans to the fashion-conscious Gen X, those who love art have always been fascinated by the idea of jewelry in its various forms. Gems and jewels reigned for millennia and centuries, giving shape to our consuming passion for creativity.

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Make Way To A Wow Vow With Lapiz Lazooli

Engagement and weddings are the most special and precious moments in anyone’s life as the day epitomizes the unification of two souls. The feelings of the bride get entrapped in the moment and are preserved in the corridors of time thereafter. 

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Top 5 Sources Of Inspiration For A Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designing is an art of ornamentation. It is the study of arranging metals and stones/gems in a manner that creates texture and form for embellishment. Designing requires lots of skills, efforts, creativity and ability to visualize ideas through observation of things that surround us.

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